Zamil Partitions

Zamil Partition Industries Company (ZPI) is a large division of Zamil Architectural Industries and a member of Zamil Group. Established in 1985, and since then, it has become a part of the Gulf’s main business stream.

ZPI is involved in designing manufacturing and installing of different types of partitions like demountables, moveable (free standing), folding, workstation, toilet partition, urinal barriers and many others. One of the highlight features of ZPI partitioning system is flexibility. It is so flexible that you can easily install, dismantle and relocate in a short span of time without affecting your allocated office space. It provides also the chance for any future expansion. This is why the ZPI partitioning system is the most appropriate and exact system applicable to all kinds of government offices, schools, banks, hospitals, commercial buildings and even residential villas.

Designs and lay-out of ZPI partition is enhanced by the wide variety of panel surfaces ranging from fabric to plastic and vinyl to steel sheet finishing having all distinct specification and colors.The first-class quality of partition that is locally manufactured by ZPI is highly marketable across Middle East.

At present, ZPI products have become well known to both local and global market. It is one of the most in demand partition system in the Middle East countries and others.